Terms and Conditions of Sale

While every effort is made to deliver and fit to the customer’s satisfaction, delivery promises are approximate only, and failure to deliver on the stated date or at a specified time shall not render us liable for damages, lost time, or any other consequential loss.

Customer responsibility

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the fitter in writing of the location of any pipes or cables, which  might be damaged during the fitting. No responsibility can be accepted for damage to under floor pipes or  cables or for consequential damage to property or fittings. When a customer places a conclusive order for carpets or flooring based on the customer’s own  measurements and does not require an estimation by the company, the customer accepts full liability for the  accuracy of the dimensions stipulated.

Colour Matching

Warranty Flooring samples should only be used as a guide to colour matching. Colour reproduction may  vary across batches of carpet. Carpets are matched back to the master sample to ensure that colour remains  within a commercial tolerance. Carpets varying in width (4m and 5m) may vary in colour as they may be  from different batches. Carpets that are identical but laid with the pile travelling in different directions may  appear not to match. Wood products are an organic material and are subject to natural variance. You should  note that when a subfloor is not completely flat, this may result in a bounce effect in wooden flooring and  the Company will not be held responsible for this. The company will always endeavour to offer the customer  the most accurate advice possible about preparing the surface before we begin any specific job. All fabrics  especially carpets are liable to pile shading differences, light and dark areas arising from unequal surface  pressure. This is no way detrimental to the durability of the carpet and is not a fault in manufacture. 


The total price for jobs includes VAT at the current rate unless otherwise specified. 

The legal and equitable title to the goods supplied under any contract will not pass to the purchaser until the  price for the goods and all other sums due from the purchaser has been paid in full and until such payments  the purchaser will keep the goods in a fiduciary capacity as bailee for the company. Should any time be wasted by our fitters or employees due to not being able to gain access to the site or  deliver or install carpets/floor covering, or the site not being ready to receive fitting, this will result in a  charge being made to the customer to recover the losses to the company.

Standard Terms of Payment are as follows:

  •  50% deposit upon placing the order. 
  • We currently accept payments online bank payment and cash. 
  • When accepting our estimate, you are agreeing to the above terms & conditions
  • Minimum fitting cost is £60 +VAT
  • All payments due on completion.

Please take note of the following points:

  • We offer to trim door strictly on the understanding that we take no responsibility for any  damage to doors. A charge for this service will be made. 
  • Vinyl and lino installations. All furniture and fixed items i.e., washing machines, fridges,  dishwashers etc., must be removed before the fitter commences work 
  • You can remove these items yourselves or ask us to quote for this service at an additional  charge. This charge is based on the number of items our team removes. 
  • otherwise, we take no responsibility for any damage that may occur.
  • Cancelation: Any cancellations must be notified to the company via email with 24 hours’  notice and a minimum of 30% handling charge will be chargeable.

These conditions supersede all prior representations or arrangements and contain the entire agreement  between the parties in connection with the products (unless otherwise stated). None of the Companies  employees or agents has authority to modify or supplement these conditions. Nothing in these conditions  shall restrict the normal consumer rights of a Customer. Fitting dates quoted are given in good faith but are  not guaranteed. If the Companies employees or agents are asked by the Customer or their agents to move  any furniture, appliance, or other item to accommodate the fitting of floor covering, the Company, its  employees or agents will not be held responsible for any damage caused unless by negligence. Such requests  must be made to the Company and confirmed in writing at least five working days before the fitting date. If  the Companies employees or agents are asked by the Customer or their agents to remove or replace any  skirting board, beading or scotia, the Company and its employees or agents will not be held responsible for  any damage caused unless by negligence.

Remedial damage

The removal and fitting of skirting boards can often damage wall décor and plasterwork. Our fitters will take  every reasonable care to avoid any damage in the fitting process and our cleaning staff (post fitting) will  hoover your new carpet & touch up any paint work that is scratched (skirting boards) as a direct result of the  work carried out by our fitters only. 

It is the customers responsibility to undertake any repair work that may be necessary. Our fitters will take  every reasonable care to avoid any damage to the skirting boards whilst fitting the new flooring, but to add  further peace of mind our cleaning team will hoover and touch up any small blemishes or scratches to the  skirting boards caused by the fitting team as part of their fitting process.


Price and Payment Unless otherwise stated on the order confirmation our prices are inclusive of VAT. A  deposit of 50% is payable at the time an order is placed to cover the cost of us purchasing materials, it is  non-refundable once materials have been ordered. If the Company is unable to fulfil the order any deposit  will be refunded to the Customer in the same way, it was paid. Any outstanding balance is payable by the  Customer a minimum of 3 days after fitting. Time is of the essence of the contract. The Company may  charge interest at 4% over Barclays Bank plc.’s base rate per annum for the time being (to accrue from day  to day) on any sum owed to the Company under the contract that is not paid. If cleared funds are not  received for the deposit payment (for example if your card declines or your cheque bounces) we may request  full payment before any installation of goods takes place. 

Supply Only Orders

For customers ordering goods on a supply only basis we have a strict no returns policy. Payment is required  in full at the time of the order and it is the customers responsibility to check their order requirements prior to  placing their order. When calculating product quantities an allowance is made for wastage which is an  essential requirement of floor fitting. All products are ordered specifically for each customer and any  leftover product is to be retained by the customer and can’t be returned for a refund. From the time flooring  is fitted it is the customers responsibility to care for and maintain the flooring according to the  manufacturer’s guidelines. If customers require any assistance in locating these guidelines, then please speak  to us. 

The Company will supply the goods and services under this agreement with reasonable skill and care. If you  are unhappy with any aspect of our work, you should notify us within a reasonable time. We will arrange a  time when we can visit your property to examine the supplied goods and services and, if the goods and  services are deemed unacceptable, we will either remedy the defect in question or re-supply the defective  service. We offer a lifetime warranty on the fitting of carpet; the fitting guarantee becomes void if the carpet  is for some reason lifted either in part or fully and subsequently refitted. Force Majeure The Company will  source and fit the goods within a reasonable time that’s agreed with the Customer. If any unexpected issues  arise the Company will contact the Customer to discuss the best way forward, this may include a revised  fitting or delivery date or in certain exceptional circumstances a cancellation of the order and full refund.

The Company will not be liable to you for any loss or damage if we fail to meet the original time scale  because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Risk and Title Risk in the goods shall pass from  the Company to the Customer upon delivery and fitting. However, the Company shall retain ownership of  the products until payment has been received in full. Cancellation The goods are bespoke and made to  measure to your requirements. As such they fall into the category of tailor-made products within the  Consumer Contracts Regulations and hence you will not be able to cancel once your order is placed. This  will not affect your legal rights as a consumer in relation to made to measure goods that are faulty or not as  described. Notwithstanding this the Company will accept cancellation of orders provided goods have not  been irrevocably ordered from our suppliers. Where stock is held for us by our suppliers, but not dispatched,  we will normally be able to accept a cancellation and provide a full refund. 

On Site Survey

The Company strongly recommends its estimators undertake a site visit before the Customer places an order.  This is to establish the correct room dimensions and whether any floor preparation is needed before  confirming a contract price. If no such survey is undertaken or permitted by the Customer, the Company will  not be held responsible for shortages or subsequent additional costs that may arise during installation. This  also applies where doors need to be trimmed to accommodate the flooring. Door trims can only be carried  out on internal doors that are solid wood. The following doors cannot be trimmed, fire doors, sliding doors,  hollow doors or doors containing glass panels. All such services are chargeable. Scratch resistant does not  mean scratch proof and should not be considered as such. The contract may not be assigned by the Customer  without the Companies prior written consent. 

Room Clearance/Furniture removal

To facilitate speedy and efficient fitting customers are required to clear all areas of old floorings and  accessories unless this service has been booked with us prior to the fitting date. The Little Carpet Company  Offer this as a separate service and are happy to quote for this at the time of estimation. 

If the customer does not require this service we expect that all furniture will be removed from the areas to be  fitted with new flooring. Any requests for assistance to help move furniture that have not been pre booked  will be at the discretion of the fitter(s) and maybe subject to an additional charge. 

Please note that we will not accept liability for any damage subsequently found. 

It is the customers responsibility to arrange the removal and refitting of any kitchen and utility room  appliances, for the avoidance of doubt this includes cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers,  fridges etc.

Pipes & Cables

Customers are responsible for securing all electrical wires and cables prior to the fitter arriving. This  includes but is not limited to telephone wires, alarm wires, speaker cables, ethernet cables etc. It is the  customers responsibility to make the fitter aware of any wires or cables which may be situated in the area  where flooring is being fitted. We will not be responsible for any damage to wires or cables where the fitter  was not made aware of their existence prior to the commencement of fitting. It is the customers  responsibility to make the fitter aware of any pipework in the area where flooring is being fitted. We will not  be responsible for any damage to pipework where the fitter was not made aware of its existence prior to the  commencement of fitting. Customers are responsible for the disposal of all rubbish associated with the  flooring services undertaken. 

Waste Removal

A rubbish removal service is available at an additional cost and we will removal all waste products in an  environmentally friendly way. Our teams will supply anti contamination bags to avoid the spread of any  contamination through common carpet issues silverfish Carpet Mouths. 

Cleaning Service

As soon as possible after the completion of the works, our team will return to hoover and clear the area our fitting team have been working in. The Fresh Clean Team will also make good any small blemishes caused by our Fitting Team for clarity these include, chips to paintwork, scratches in the skirting boards, carpet off cuts, dust. We will then ask you to inspect the work with a member of our team to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards. We then ask that you sign the work off as a final closer for the onsite work.

Customer Complaints

Complaints Policy We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers.  However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be  completely satisfied. To ensure we are able to put things right as soon as we can, please read our complaints  procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction. 

Complaints procedure

In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you  can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible. Either call us on 01992 577 771, or write  to us at The Little Carpet & Flooring Company (UK) Ltd, Forest Lodge, Commercial Complex, Epping,  Essex CM16 5HW or email us at quotes@littlecarpetcompany.com We aim to respond within 2 days of  receiving your complaint with a proposed solution.


Any estimate of delivery must be regarded as approximate only and whilst every effort is made to avoid  delays, we cannot accept responsibility for any delay which may occur outside of our control. Doors which  do not clear new carpets will be removed if necessary, but not trimmed. 

A charge will be made for uplift or removal of old carpets, moving furniture will also be chargeable.

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